Friday, May 18, 2007


i painted this big painting and it took me like 2 months. it didnt sell at the last show so now im pissed because it takes up so much freakin' room!

oh well... we are trying to fix up our house to sell it. i bought some shelves last night and they are money WELL SPENT! we picked up lots of things and put them on shelves. its like amazing or something.

i finally finished that tee shirt design for roy. im pretty happy with it and i hope he is too. he says it should come out around comic con time. hopefully it will help him with his bizness!

i found a ton of stuff i have been looking for while cleaning up. its crazy. ive decided to throw alot of stuff away because i hold on to silly things. i dont know why. im weird like that. i want to get rid of all these freaking dvds. i never understood why people buy dvds. renting them is so much better. i dont know how these dvds got into my house. i think my wife brought them home. psh! im only going to keep my kung pow dvd because i can watch that over and over.

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