Sunday, June 3, 2007

back in peep city!

i did this project prolly a year ago in a window display around the corner from my house, but i dont know if anyone saw it. it was a whole city built out of cardboard and in each window of all the buildings was a comic panel.

i even made little sculpy people and trees and stuff.

it took like 6 months to make all the buildings, but it was one of my favorite projects. it sucks because all the pictures i have are pretty crappy cause of the window glare. if anyone has any other photos please let me know! after the show came down the city sat in my backyard for a few months and after the weather weathered it nice and good i threw it in the garbage. oh well.

1 comment:

dianne said...

that is really neat. i'm glad you got these pictures or eyed never know!