Sunday, September 2, 2007

oh shit! my next show is coming up in two weeks! sorry for not telling you sooner! its going to be here at the mesa arts center . it might just be one of the most amazing show line-ups i have ever seen with my own two eyeballs, at least here in arizona. cheech marin is going to be showing a collection of his paper drawings he's gathered over the years. daniel martin diaz will be having a solo show and gary baseman, ron english, andrew brandau, ryan bubnis, krk ryden, the brothers mcleod, michelle valigura and amanda visell will be showing in the gallery next to us with some animation inspired art. roy wasson vale, matt connelly, mike maas and myself will be taking over the project room, which i might say is looking really freakin wild! matt made this giant tree beast and mike created one of his octamonkey thingys. i dont know what the hell you would call roy's piece. its all opening the same night, SEPT 14th!!! i hope you alll can come because its going to be super fun and stuff!


Kristin said...

we need to get on your website asap! I've got new cool things to show you.

Luster Kaboom said...

bring it on web-MASTA!