Wednesday, October 31, 2007


This friday, November 2nd 2007,is the inaugural opening of the Ghost Gallery. Its a migratory space that occupies vacant buildings for the length of an art show. This first show will feature John Haddock, Sue Chenoweth, Colin Chillag, Creighton Baxter, Mel Bergman, Geny Dignac, Mike Dixon, Angela Ellsworth, Pete Goldlust, Mona Higuchi, Mary Lucking, Ryan McNamara, Sherrie Medina, Karolina Sussland and ME.

It will be located on the Northeast corner of Mcdowell and 7th ave in the old Antique Market. (man im going to miss that place). If you drive by you can see my painting in the window!

Happy Halloween Everyone! Don't eat the yellow candy...

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