Friday, April 9, 2010

Convoy Ride

So I have finally started the Convoy ride. It was completely rebuilt by Bob's big boys and now Dianne Freakin' Facepainter and I are going to paint it. Here she is now laying on the etching primer.

Next, we painted the bottom white and put in the sky blue. I was going to project it but our projector's bulbs are both burnt out. We ordered some new ones that are supposed to get here today but this was yesterday and I was getting antsy. I decided to grid it out and draw it on. Then one of the carnies started bitching about how long I was taking and that I was a pussy and that he could just sketch it on himself if I would just give him a pencil. So I grabbed a piece of aluminum and taped a china marker to it (cause I'm a chinaman) and I just sketched it out on a stick. It seemed to work out pretty good. I had most of it sketched out by the end of the day.

And here we are at lunchtime It's coming along nicely!


loren said...

awesome... can't wait to see the finish!

ging said...

woah, what the hell is going on here.

awesome work!

Cesar said...

That is spectacular. I would like to see that droven around.

Aaron the Truck Driver said...