Monday, April 23, 2012

Steve Was A Rough Rider

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Anonymous said...

so, huge fan here. a guy that got fired told me a really weird story at work. he said him and his friend used to give tours of alaska. they would take rich people around the woods and carry all their equipment.

well, one day his friend saw bigfoot. he was across a river and they stared at each other. but his friend had to "finish cooking breakfast", so he didn't take bigfoots picture.

bigfoot was gone when the eggs were done. what i thought was hilarious is how nonchalant the guy was about telling the story of bigfoot...

at work, we love makin jokes about it. like "i saw bigfoot today. i was gonna take his picture, but my hotpocket had 20 seconds left to cook"

could you make a comic about this?

biggest fan