Sunday, August 8, 2010


No art to show! Recently my house was broken in to and the boogalars stole many many things, a 16ft ladder, a window mounted ac unit, but worst of all MY COMPUTER! All my art and photos were on that computer and my wacom was hanging out the USB so that is gone too. Soooo... until I get those things replaced I supposed there will not be much to post. Sorry.

In other news, I just bought a new truck. I really love it and now I go places and see things and know in the back of my mind, I could bring it home if I really wanted to. Most of the time I refrain but the allure is oh so tempting!

How are you doing? I sure do miss you.



sorry to hear about the burglaries... hope you get a new comp in no time.

great news about the truck!

we miss you too, myself and the new york metro system watching t.v next to me right now.

Luster Kaboom said...

ahhh, the mammories!