Monday, August 23, 2010

Stinky Fingers

Yesterday I put two new security doors on my garage and back door. It was really hard to do by myself. At one point the top bar fell off and landed on my head. It hurt really bad and I said a few bad words. It is nearly impossible to hold up the door and drill holes to put in the screws. I sure could have used a few extra arms. When I finally got the first door on, the door knob was not lined up correctly but I was able to deadbolt it so it was good enough. On the second I put the deadbolt on and the bolt was broken so I just put two doorknobs on the door till I could get a new deadbolt. Hopefully that will keep the booglars out but I am sad that there is nothing really good left to steal, haha.

So I let this neighborhood kid stay in my house for a few days since his family kicked him out. He was kinda messy and smelly but I felt bad for him so I let him stay. Unfortunately no one told me till later he was having drug problems and that was why no one would help him. The last time I spoke with him he said he would be out of my house by last weekend, which he was but he left behind a bunch of uneaten food left by his grandmother who was trying to get some meat on his bones. This kid was so skinny and I'm sad to think that he was on some kind of crazy drugs which suppressed his appitite for all those sandwiches, chicken wings and bean dip. It was quite smelly so I cleaned it all up. As I was going to throw away all that garbage, I went out to the garbage and it was full of rain water because someone left open the lid. I was about to throw something in there when I saw that someone wrapped up a dead dog in a garbage bag and threw it in there. It was totally disgusting, as it was submerged in the rainwater and there were flies buzzing around it's stink. I decided that I wouldnt throw anything in there after all and closed the lid. Towards the end of the day I was thinking that the garbage truck wouldn't be able to pick up that can if it was full of water and so I drilled some holes in the bottom and the gross water shot out and got all over my hands. It was way stinky and I almost threw up! I better get back to work...



shiiit man this is a terrific script for a really cool comics . i hope you're' already inking it. the ending is great, and ties well with the opening scene. save me a copy of this beautify drawn 32 pager, black and white, color cover.


Luster Kaboom said...

Haha, every thing is comics to you. I am glad you think this terrible stinky is funny.