Monday, September 6, 2010

First One

I was walking down the sidewalk the other day texting and there was this garbage can with the lid open. I did not see it and walked right into it forehead first. Very dazed but even more embarassed I kept walking and got a horrible headache. When I got into my car I gave it a rub and got blood all over my fingers. It left a crazy mark in two places, on the bridge of my nose and smack dab square on my forehead. Sometimes scrapes look cool but I look kinda dorky. I keep looking even more dorky when I tell people how it got there.



why did this strip felt like it had closure even though it obviously had nothing of the sorts. i see more magic moments in the future. btw- 'Felix Maxwell' totally sounds made up.

Luster Kaboom said...

Haha, you mean STAN maxwell. And his real name was changed to protect his identity of course. Don't you remember Xfiles? I will make a new comic every week but I am not sure if we will see Mr. Maxwell again. I am trying to do this comic based on actual events to see if reality can be funnier than my imagined scenarios.